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Materi Tes Masuk SD Kelas 3

Berikut ini kisi2 ujian untuk masuk ke SD kelas 3 yg berbasis British Curriculum di Qatar

  • Choose the correct word, from sets of words, to match the pictures shown.
  • Choose the right word, from set of words, to finish the given sentences
  • Finish sentences so that they make sense.
  • Read a poem or a passage and answer questions on.
  • Write a story on a given title which is related to their everyday experiences.


  • Answer adding and taking away sums for the number bonds to 20.
  • Solve number problems written in sentence form (up to 100)
  • Complete simple counting sequences related to counting in 2's, 5's and 10's
  • Recognize shapes that show halves and quarters
  • Total and write amounts of money shown in the sets of coin drawn (British pound)
  • Answer multiplying anf dividing sums using 2, 5, 10 time tables
  • Double tens and unites numbers
  • Understand the meaning of symmetry
  • Know the meaning of odd and even
  • Recognize times using o'clock, half hour, quarter past and quarter to
  • Identify 2 dimensional shapes
  • Interpret a bar chart

Selamat belajar......

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