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Materi Tes Masuk SD Kelas 1

Bagi yg mau masukin anaknya ke sekolah, biasanya dikenakan test masuk. Nah, berikut ini kisi-kisi pertanyaan dari salah satu sekolah di Qatar untuk kelas 1 SD:


  • Draw a picture of themselves
  • Read colour names
  • Write their names and copy some text
  • Look at a picture and answer, verbally, questions asked by the teacher
  • Write the beginning sound for a variety of pictures e.g. a, b, c
  • Read some simple words
  • Follow instructions


  • Continue patterns
  • Write the numbers 1-10
  • Write the missing numbers in a sequence
  • Count a number of objects
  • Draw a stated number of objects
  • Calculate some simple addition sums
  • Name 2D shapes
  • Follow instructions

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