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Qatar National Vision 2030

Kemarin Qatar baru saja me-launch Qatar national vision 2030. Tentu saja QNV ini berisi gambaran masa depan Qatar di tahun 2030. Salah satu isinya adalah mengenai rencana pembatasan expat, terutama yg unskill. Berikut ini petikan berita yg diambil dari The Peninsula Qatar.
The launch of QNV 2030 was carried out in a symbolic ceremony which represented the spirit of the Vision by drawing attention to balancing the needs of the present-future generations. Resting on four pillars - Human Development, Social Development, Economic Development and Environment Development- the National Vision is basically aimed at transforming Qatar into an advanced country by year 2030.
The document underpins the need for Qatar striking a balance between its five major challenges, including the size and the quality of expatriate labour force and Qatar's development. The other challenges include modernisation and preservation of traditions, the needs of the current generation and the needs of future generations; managed growth and uncontrolled expansion; and finally economic growth and social development viz-a-viz environmental management.

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