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Pengusiran Versi Dua

Ternyata tidak aku saja yg mengalami pengusiran. Berikut ini berita dari Gulf-Times yg kurang lebih mirip dengan kasus yg aku alami bbrp waktu yang lalu. Yang ini malah jauh lebih parah, karena penyewaan ini melalui sampai dengan lima level sublet, yaitu perusahaan yg menyewakan kembali apartemen/villa yg dia sewa. Kelihatannya ini akan menjadi trend dalam bbrp waktu ke depan. Jadi, waspadalah...
DOZEN tenants of an upscale neighbourhood housing 60 villas near the D-Ring Road had been living a true Gulf dream - until an eviction notice came.Having paid two years’ rent totalling QR216,000 (QR9,000 per month) in December 2007 and moving in by the start of this year, their tranquillity was shattered when a notice from a local court said that a real estate firm (Company B) had defaulted to the owner of the property (Company A) and tenants must vacate by October 7 – tomorrow.

The verdict was dated May 20, 2008. The eviction notices were served on June 12. confusion quickly ensued as the tenants had never heard of Company B and had signed up with a different firm. It soon unfolded that Company A had sublet the whole premises to Company B, who sublet it to another real estate enterprise (Company C), who again sublet some 20 villas to a co-operative group (Company D), out of which 12 villas were further handed over to a real estate agent (Company E), with whom the 12 unfortunate tenants had signed the contracts.

“And we had no idea all along, how deeply mired the whole scenario is,” said a Canadian tenant who dealt with Company E.Scrambling to get some answers, the tenants made frantic calls to Company E but they were not entertained.“We went to their office but were denied access to the management; wrote letters to the company and are still waiting for a reply.“They continue to play a cat and mouse game with us. Sensing trouble, some tenants immediately vacated and moved out. Others continue to hope,” said another tenant from Malaysia.
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