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Qtel Offer

Berita gulf times hari ini:
“The huge discount on calls we have provided to India as part of a summer promotion has become possible due to an agreement between us and the Indian service provider concerned. Extending the promotion to other countries depends on the nature of the agreements in place,”

Kapan ya Qtel bikin offering khusus buat nelpon ke Indosat?
Al-Mutawa said hundreds of Qtel customers have been benefitting from a prepaid international calling card – Dawli, which offers “low rates”.Dawli cards are available in three denominations - QR10, QR30 and QR50 and can be used from any Qtel landline or mobile phone. They can be purchased from any Qtel shop or authorised dealers. The call rates begin at Dh50/minute to the GCC countries during off-peak hours (7pm to 7am), Saturday through Thursday and round-the-clock on Fridays.

Tapi tetap jauh lebih mahal daripada Skype, Om.

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