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Quota Haji 2008: 1500

Berikut ini terjemahan berita dari koran berbahasa arab, Al Sharq. Intinya adalah bahwa quota haji Qatar tahun ini turun menjadi 1500, sedangkan biaya dinaikkan sebesar 20%. Menurut koran Arrayah hari Jumat, biaya tahun ini menjadi:
  • category A: QR 16,000 (excluding the air ticket)
  • category B: QR 12,600 (excluding the air ticket)
  • category C: QR 7,700

In a hot meeting between the Commission and contractors pilgrimage 1500 the number of pilgrims Qatar this year and 20% increase in prices. The Committee asked 10 thousand and there are attempts to raise the figure to 8 thousand. Some contractors will not walk campaigns this year if the number stabilized at 1500 Hajj
Discussions for the Liberation of price pilgrimage starting from next year and the continued control over the rest of the conditions. Commission allows the integration of housing between campaigns sympathized with contractors for price rises

Held Thursday evening last coordination meeting between the Committee on Hajj pilgrimage and contractors, which has been allocated to discuss the latest developments of the pilgrimage season in 1429 for e This meeting was a heated meeting in which discussions and the numerous claims and give and take by the Committee for Pilgrimage Affairs and by contractors, in the light of the decision by authorities Saudi Arabia identified a number of pilgrims from Qatar this year's Haj 1500 only, as well as discussing prices also expected this year in light of claims by contractors, where they demanded be lifted upwards by 30% over prices last year, but after discussions is not an easy it was agreed that the increase in prices by 20% compared to last year's prices.

The meeting was attended by the Committee on Hajj by Mr. Saleh Bin Mohammed Al-Marri Chairman of the Committee and Mr. Jassem Mohammad Al-Kubaisi, Vice Chairman of the Committee, Dr.. Abdel-Salam Al-Qahtani committee member, Mr. Ali Almsvri committee member, Mr. Ali Rashid Alvhide General Coordinator either by the contractors have attended all the contractors or their designates and numbered 30 contractors and delegates.

For his part, Mr. Saleh Mohammed Al-Marri Chairman of the Committee on the pilgrimage that this meeting is the first meeting attended by all contractors of the pilgrimage, because of developments that have occurred this year both in terms of number or hand prices or hand-date laws and the rest is proven record in meeting with Saudi authorities.

Al Marri added that despite the problem faced by contractors in the share issue due to the lower number of pilgrims from Qatar this year to the 1500 Hajj Saudi authorities following the decision but understood that there was a great many of them, but, as is well known, the state always comes at the outset is lower than expected Then been some attempts by some quarters in the State with the responsible authorities in Saudi Arabia to raise the quota and are often present in the final stages and that matters this year is not in isolation from previous years and there are attempts underway at all levels to raise the issue and hope good, pointing That the Commission had requested that the share of Qatar 10 thousand pilgrims and said that number will be 1500 will be 10 thousand, but it is likely to be 8 thousand pilgrims.

The Al-Marri explanation for the decline in number this year to the 1500 Hajj, this is not only different from previous years but due to the issue of proportionality and the ratio adopted at the Conference of Foreign Ministers of Islamic countries sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Conference was the percentage establishing the principle of proportionality has been applied to many countries Pilgrims who must obtain entry visas to Saudi Arabia and then stayed open quota for the Gulf countries since the border is almost open, but because of crowding and limited space in me was necessary, the application rate, the system of proportionality, even on the Gulf states of Qatar that came quota Haj 1500.

As for the issue of price, said Mr. Saleh Mohammed Al-Marri, there was disgusted and outraged by the contractors with regard to the increase, but ultimately was approved price increase accounted for 20% proposed by the Commission but will be reconsidered again, the increase came because the price difference Clear on the prices of last year .. He explained that there was no significant difference between that approved by the Committee for the pilgrimage and what students or between Contractors will be approved at the next meeting where the contractors asked for 30% rate increase was approved by 20%, according to the Commission and saw between 30% and 20% No Big difference.

And the issue of merger between the campaigns Al Marri said that for the integration between the campaigns, this category will be between the owners of a single category, whether or b or c This is aimed to reduce the burden on all contractors will be merger of the question because of the rise in housing so great to live in an apartment one contractor or 3 Or 4 or even 5, pointing out that this procedure was approved in light of the limited buildings in Mecca after the demolition of quite a few buildings, which also caused the prices of leasing access to the astronomical figures can not be compared to any other rates in the GCC market.

And the discussions regarding the liberalization of the price during the meeting, said Mr. Saleh Al-Marri that the Commission had put in a referendum in a large meeting that there be a vote on the liberalization of prices as of next year so that editors can price the contractor to develop the rate it wants, leaving him free to Is Alhaji accept this price or not, and will submit the proposal in this regard because it will relieve the burden on the Committee on Hajj At the same time remain in the arena of contractors who can provide services at competitive prices, pointing out that he will not lose control, but with respect to price controls will be dropped because This will be subject to supply and demand, and said that there will be a coordination committee will be formed microcosm for dealing with procedural issues the new year presents itself for the year so that there is thinking of my future and there is a clear strategy so that what is happening this year is not recur next year.

For some thinking to resolve the issue of contractors in the conduct of campaigns or lack of management this year after the announcement said that the issue raised this point strongly by the contractors themselves and there are a number of votes confirmed that they will not go campaigns this year if the number as it is, "he said If the number stayed the same is likely to resort to the direct right of adoption of the size of their operation in some years but will not be resorting to this matter only in the last moments with the number survive as it is.

And the conditions to be fulfilled in the buildings said that if we must deal with the modest figures it will be also on the Committee on Hajj to make further concessions because if he had asked the contractor that this Freedom for the commission that the other is the same thing where they will be overlooked some Things that are luxuries such as the question of the need for an elevator, but no complacency in conditions of security and safety, hygiene and amplitude.

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