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Contoh yg Baik

Sebuah gebrakan yg perlu dicontoh pemimpin2 Indonesia. Seperti yg ditulis, The Peninsula Qatar, Menteri Pertambangan dan Energi Qatar yg sekaligus Managing Director-nya QP mengirimkan instruksi kepada QP untuk tidak melakukan bisnis dengan perusahaan anak2nya untuk menghindari Conflict of Interest. Berikut ini beritanya:

The Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Industry H E Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah has set a good example for others to follow by instructing Qatar Petroleum (QP) not to deal with his son's companies.

According to a circular from his office and published in a local Arabic daily yesterday, Al Attiyah also urged QP's affiliates as well as companies working in exploration and/or development of oil and gas fields to do so.

The circular, which is in accordance with QP's regulations, seeks to avoid any possible conflicts of interest and is to be enforced by all departments and committees concerned. The said companies are Al Saad Entity and Al Saad Enterprises, the circular said.

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