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Telur susah dicari dan Mahal di Doha???

Benar...belakangan ini sulit sekali mencari telur...rasanya di supermarket2 stoknya terbatas..ternyata ini adalah dampak dari di bannya telur2 dari negara2 tertentu.. silakan simak berita berikut diambil dari Gulf-times.

Rising egg prices hit bakeriesPublished: Sunday, 9 December, 2007, 02:04 AM Doha Time

Staff Reporter
THE sharp rise in egg prices following the ban on their import from Saudi Arabia has affected bakeries, restaurants and other eateries. Families for whom eggs are a staple have also been hard hit.
Though eggs are usually costlier during winter, the current price levels are unprecedented, said an importer. He said because of the steep rise, his company has reduced imports from other GCC states.
A ban on Indian eggs, a carton of which used to be available for QR90 to 100, is still in force, sources said.
Importers were now forced to charge between QR340 and 360 a carton, said another importer.
In the absence of eggs from Saudi Arabia, which used to be priced at QR110-120, importers have to rely on eggs from Brazil, Kuwait and the UAE, which are sold for more than QR340 a carton. A large carton holds 30 trays consisting of 36 eggs each.
A month ago, Brazilian eggs were available for prices starting from QR220, the importer recalled.
Most bakeries have reduced their purchases of eggs drastically in the last two or three weeks, said a bakery owner in Doha Jadeed. He said his unit has halved its production of cakes and breads in the last 10 days.
A number of small eateries have also been badly hit with no supply from India and Saudi Arabia.
Inquiries at some retail outlets found that eggs are sold at QR1 each. “Our egg business has fallen sharply in the last one month. Very few residents are placing orders these days,” said Ahmed, a retailer in Najma.
He said most shop owners in the area have stopped stocking eggs for fear of suffering losses.

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