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Cost of Dental Treatment in Qatar

Ini info dari koran The Peninsula Qatar, tanggal 30 Agustus kemarin

The rising costs of dental treatment here are forcing many expatriates to seek reatment in their home countries on their vacations, toothaches notwithstanding.
Costs have risen at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and private clinics as well, perhaps in keeping with the rising cost of living in Qatar. An engineer with a contracting firm here, Ahmad Abdulrahman said: "Once, I was suffering from pain in my jaw. I went to the health centre where the doctor prescribed some medicine as temporary relief and asked me to go to the dental unit at Rumaillah hospital. After I received my
appointment, the doctor there told me I needed a filling."
Abdulrahman, speaking to an Arabic daily, said: "I discovered that the treatment would cost me QR1,300. After hearing that, I decided to postpone any further treatment until I returned to my home country. I got the job done there and paid only a quarter of what I was asked to pay in Qatar."

Wack! Mahal banget, ya? Kalau kesehatan gigi nggak ditanggung perusahaan bisa2 bangkrut.

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