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New Traffic Law

Karena seringnya terjadi kecelakaan di Qatar, pemerintah mengularkan UU lalu lintas yang baru kemarin dengan aturan yang lebih ketat dan hukuman yang lebih berat. Mudah2an ini bisa memperbaiki kebiasaan buruk orang2 di Qatar dalam mengendarai mobil. Berikut ini petikan dari Gulf Times:
"If the same person gathered 12 points again, his licence would be suspended for six months, nine months on the accumulation of the next 10 points and one year for the next eight points. Ultimately, a driving licence may be cancelled if the same offender earned six points for the fifth time. And in this case, a new driving licence shall be issued only after he passed a new driving test. However, the law said the earlier points in one's account would be removed if that person did not commit any traffic violation during one year from the time his licence was revoked.
The penalty for using mobile phones while driving has been enhanced. The violator will have to pay a minimum fine of QR3,000 and a maximum fine of QR10,000. He is also liable for imprisonment up to one year. Motorists who commit violations like driving with no authorised licence, driving under the influence of liquor, driving in the opposite direction of traffic flow, escaping from the accident site, causing sound and air pollution and exceeding the speed limit would be punishable by imprisonment from one month to three years or fined QR10,000 to 50,000 or both.
According to the new law, the punishment for the following offences are also the same as mentioned above: Not wearing seat belts, allowing children below 10 years sit in the front passenger seat, not giving way to official motorcades and the vehicles of the police, civil defence and ambulances, not leaving enough space between two vehicles and motorcyclists allowing another passenger sit behind them (pillion riding).
The law stipulates that the driver and the front seat passenger should wear seat belts all the time."
Be Safe Drive!
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