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Cerita Tentang RP

Ini ada cerita pengalaman teman kantor tentang RP. Semoga bermanfaat.
"Thought it is worth sharing my ordeal at Doha airport last week when my family was leaving for annual vacation. At the immigration, my family was stopped by the officer stating that my younger daughter's RP is expired 3 months back! We all came to Doha together last year and all our RPs are valid till Feb 2009, except for my youngest daughter (whose RP expired in Feb 2007 since office processed her RP for only 1 year!).
As usual while I planned my travel, I checked my entire family member's Passport validity as well as my RP validity, assuming that my family member's RP would be valid as of mine.
This coasted me a lot since we had to cancel our trip, lost the whole air ticket and had to pay the penalty as well for overstay!
Off late, somebody told me that RP for children below 3 years is free and hence office processes those RPs for lesser validity only.
Wish there was some system in office which reminds fellow employees about the status of their official documents!"

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